Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Statement from Graham Harris (Chair of Cirencester Signpost)

I understand the enthusiasm to re-start the Big Breakfast, so we have undertaken a Covid-19 risk assessment.

Ensuring separate entry/exit points, one-way only walkways and safe exclusion zones around tables, which even with a 1 metre social distancing rule, would reduce our capacity from 72 guests to around 15.

Risks to volunteers include having to operate out of a very small kitchen, continuous cleaning in areas such as toilets, application of first aid and safe disposal of used PPE.

I have seen, at work and where I live, the misery of lives lost to Covid-19 and the anguish of those testing positive. Your health and that of our volunteers means everything to me so for now for everyone’s safety our meals will remain on hold and we will review the position later in the year.

As a charity we will continue to work in different ways across our community to help others. Whilst this will be disappointing news for some, it is the right thing to do to ensure we come through this crisis safely.