Hidden homeless

The traditional view of homelessness is someone out on the streets living rough. This is a visible sign of homelessness but there are many people without a place to call home.

Challenging times

In these challenging times much more homelessness is hidden including ‘sofa surfing’ with a need to be constantly on the move, living on the floor at a friend’s or with a family member or sleeping in a car or van.

There has been a recent trend to seeing more females losing their homes and sadly a greater number of men and women being impacted by domestic violence who need to find immediate safe refuge. For certain, homelessness can affect anyone from any walk of life.  We are here to help.

The homeless experience

Being homeless is a traumatising experience mentally, emotionally and physically and often results in stigma and discrimination. Each person has a different story to tell and a unique set of circumstances that has contributed to them becoming homeless.

Through engagement with us, a support network can be established, opportunities created, lives empowered and transformed.

Our commitment is to journey with anyone whatever their circumstances for as long as it takes to secure a positive outcome.