Cirencester Signpost - Housing Crisis

Housing crisis

Since we were established, the majority of people we have worked with have been those in a personal housing crisis, all of whom need positive engagement with the right agencies to get back on track.

The issue

In Cirencester, behind an image of an affluent, attractive Cotswold town the reality for many local people is one of significant challenges brought about by:

  • a lack of affordable housing
  • a shortage of social housing
  • comprehensive changes to the welfare system
  • exceptionally high rents in the private sector
  • insecure tenancies; and
  • the need to provide a large deposit and/or a guarantor.

It may be the case that when emergency accommodation is offered it can mean re-locating out of the area with all the implications this brings especially for those with children and anyone in employment.

Hidden homeless

The good news

The good news is that Cirencester has many organisations working hard to support those in need. At Cirencester Signpost, we strongly believe in partnership and by working with others, lives can be turned around.

That is why our work, with its focus on engagement, supporting people to move forward in their lives from ‘strive to thrive’ is at the heart of what we do.