New Token Scheme

Delighted to announce that our partnership with Gerry’s Moonlight Eclipse Project has gone live. This great initiative makes available tokens with a face value of £1 or £5 to the homeless and vulnerable.

These can be used to purchase drinks and food from Lynwood Cafe and the Friar Tuck Fish & Chip Shop; along with clothing from Second Chance Charity

Cirencester Signpost chair, Graham Harris, said ‘our charity is excited to partner with Gerry on this project which is not only going to deliver significant practical help but also provide dignity.  It is not a hand out but a hand up, coming alongside anyone at a time of personal crisis to ensure they can get food, drinks and clothing.

It is not only giving people the essentials at a time of crisis, which can happen to anyone of us, but as important it is a demonstration of valuing everyone in our community and being there for people at time of their greatest need.  We are hugely thankful to Gerry and all those participating in the scheme’.