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With you in mind

Homelessness is not limited to rough sleeping. The majority of homeless people are ‘hidden homeless’, sleeping on friends floors and sofas or in bed and breakfast accommodation.

Home-starter pack

When someone previously homeless is housed we share in their joy, but the experience can be overwhelming, often moving in with little, if anything. To meet this need and provide dignity we can supply a home-starter pack through one of our referral agencies with whom the person is engaging, which includes brand new:

  • kitchen essentials such as dinner set, mugs, glasses and cutlery
  • saucepans and baking trays
  • duvet with cover, fitted sheet and pillows
  • clothes rack and cleaning items
  • microwave
  • kettle
  • toaster.
Cirencester Signpost - Supplies


At The Croft, where emergency accommodation is provided by Cotswold District Council, we supply wash-kits upon arrival. These have been specifically designed with bespoke versions for men, women and children. A small gesture representing you are welcome and you are valued.

Cirencester Signpost Bath Gift Set