Practical  support

Providing dignity is at the heart of what we offer.  Moving into or from emergency accommodation can be overwhelming.  We aim to make people feel valued when they are at their most vulnerable.

Home-starter pack

When someone previously homeless is housed we share in their joy, but the experience can be overwhelming, often moving in with little, if anything. To meet this need and provide dignity we can supply a home-starter pack through one of our referral agencies with whom the person is engaging, which includes brand new:

  • kitchen essentials such as dinner set, mugs, glasses and cutlery
  • saucepans, baking trays and pyrex dishes
  • duvet, pillows, cover and fitted sheet
  • clothes airer and cleaning items
  • microwave
  • kettle, toaster and sandwich toaster
  • bath mat and towels and much more.


Upon arrival at emergency accommodation including those being placed into safe refuge due to domestic violence, we can supply one of our wash cubes.

These have been specifically designed with bespoke versions for men and women, presented in a fabric cube box along with hand and bath towels.   A small gesture representing you are valued and you matter.

For the little ones

For anyone with young children, we provide colourful toiletries such as foam and bubble baths, toothbrushes and toothpaste within their own wash-bag.

It is an expression of you are not forgotten, you are loved, you are important too.