Talk  Club

Get mentally fit. Be mentally strong.

Let's talk and listen

It’s been proven that talking about worries and concerns is a good way to look after our mental health.

But most of us blokes don’t always seem to know how to open up and talk about our feelings.  We don’t because we often feel it’s not what men do.  At Cirencester Signpost Talk Club we want to change that.

What is Talk Club?

Talk Club is a positive, open space for all men whatever your age or background, to come together and lighten the load of life.

Talk Club is a talking and listening group, it is not a therapy group trying to solve problems.

The things we talk about stays between us guys, confidentiality is key.

It’s all based around the question ‘How are you?  Out of 10?

It’s regular blokes talking about their stresses and worries.  But it’s also taking time to think about what we are grateful for and sharing how we are going to look after ourselves.

Do I need to book?

It is important that everyone feels comfortable and that the group size is not too big.  For that reason, Talk Club is not a ‘drop in’ session.

Spaces must be booked by contacting Graham and Pete. Sessions will run for 6 weeks, taking place on a Friday from 4pm to 5.30pm at the Bothy in Ashcroft Road.