Our Mission

Coming alongside people directly at their point of need.

Homelessness at our heart

The traditional view of homelessness is someone out on the streets in a doorway. This is a visible sign but there are many people without a place to call home.

Much more homelessness is hidden including ‘sofa surfing’ with a need to be constantly on the move, living on the floor at a friend’s or with a family member or sleeping in a car or van.

Our commitment, wherever you are on your journey, is to come alongside at your point of need to provide support practically, mentally and emotionally.

Our efforts are not confined to our weekly events but stretch out into the local community.

Our vision

Fulfilling our vision of ‘embracing hope, creating community‘, we aim to go the extra mile to get lives on a secure path to a bright future.

Whether you are facing homelessness, not having a place to call your own, including being in emergency accommodation or progressing to independent living, our mission is to see lives empowered and transformed.