Our Well-being Café

Offering friendship, encouragement and hope.

What is the Well-being Café?

The Well-being Café is held every Saturday at Ashcroft Church in Ashcroft Road between 9am and 11am.

Recognising the importance of mental well-being to each of us, our focus is on the benefits of being with others.

Our café is a safe space to make friends, have a laugh and go away feeling uplifted.

It's all about your comfort

We understand that stepping over the threshold for the first time can be daunting. One of our volunteer team will always be available to welcome you and ensure you feel comfortable.

It is for this reason that no charge is made for our activities as it is important to us that no obstacle is placed in the way of those needing a hand up.

We will always give you the space you need.


What is on offer?

The menu includes:

  • bacon rolls or toasted bacon sandwiches
  • sausage baps or toasted sausage sandwiches
  • toast
  • fruit salad
  • cereals; along with hot drinks and fruit juices.